The Jolie Eyes

11 Feb

Angelina Jolie's eyes have always captivated me.  Her eyes carry such sexual prowess and femininity.  A lot of effort is given to finding that perfect lip gloss or glowing foundation, but sometimes we forget a clean eye design can transform your look.  She is famous for her pouty lips but I believe it's her eyes that bring out the best looks in all of her photos.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.  I think they are also the reflection of our strength.  A person's emotion can be read distinctively through the eyes.  I think a lot of people see Angelina as a strong person as an actress and as a woman.  Even in many of the tabloid photos you see of her, no matter the circumstance they catch her in she always delivers a great photo.

To get the perfect Jolie eye it is all about the lashes.  If you don't have long lashes a pair of falsies will do the trick. The look goes back to the 1950's Marylyn Monroe style.  If you cut your band lashes in half and only glue on the outer pieces it will turn your eyes into that classic '50s bedroom look.  Another trick if you don't want to use half lashes is to hold down the outer parts of the band lashes as the glue is drying. 

Once you have your lashes the way you want them start applying mascara.  I would keep the mascara dark and emphasize the outer lashes.  For this look I sometimes don't apply any mascara or liner past the half way mark of the eye.

You can line your top lid all the way in, but keep the bottom area lined only half way in.  Make sure to smudge your liner so you don't have a harsh line where the liner ends.  If you really want to achieve that bedroom eye apply your eyeshadow in a hooded style (photo above).  Also you can bring a little dark shadow under the eye half way in like the liner.

For an evening heavier look you can line the entire eye like the picture above.  Just make sure to do a hooded shadow with an outer lash mascara application.  Though I believe any person can be transformed with makeup, take a little time squinting and flirting with this look to really achieve "The Jolie Eyes".


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