This year's Oscars had some gorgeous looks on the red carpet.  One of the trends I saw the most were the classic red carpet red lip.  Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich and Rooney Mara all worked the red lip to perfection.
Angelina Jolie's eyes have always captivated me.  Her eyes carry such sexual prowess and femininity.  A lot of effort is given to finding that perfect lip gloss or glowing foundation, but sometimes we forget a clean eye design can transform your look.  She is famous for her pouty lips but I believe it's her eyes that bring out the best looks in all of her photos.

Los Angeles Makeup Artist / Vincent Ford - view Vincent's full site

Since I could remember I've been fascinated with shapes, textures and colors. The art of makeup and hair design allows me the opportunity to incorporate these qualities, to create beauty with every face I paint. From the abstract to showing women a better version of themselves, is what I strive for.

Living in Los Angeles I've been able to work with many talented individuals. I've worked in TV and film but my favorite medium is print. Creating dimension and emotion within a flat image presents challenges I find fascinating. I also work in the wedding and fashion industries and both have taught me patience and the importance of collaboration to achieve a result where everyone shines. Being a wedding makeup artist allows me to be part of such a special time in a woman's life that I hope she will remember for a lifetime.
When I am not creating stunning makeup designs, my views on celebrity makeup & hair styles can be read through my syndicated beauty blogs. No matter the project, I believe in a positive work ethic to deliver the best possible results.